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Bacterial resistance arises from interaction with antibiotics. Frequently, it develops only during therapy and is not recognized in early susceptibility assays. Therefore, it is paramount also to apply an early test which can additionally detect such concealed resistance.

Carbapenems belong to the last effective class of antibiotics and the occurrence of carbapenem resistant bacteria causes serious concern among medical doctors and microbiologists. The most harmful type of resistance is caused by bacterial enzymes. Such species test positive for carbapenemase and are classified as multi-resistant (in Germany 4MRGN). The routes of their transmission to humans are scarcely investigated. Beside the known sources, sewage, swimming pools, pets, animal farms and abattoirs should be considered.

Update of November 2021: According to CDC, during the Corona epidemic, antibiotic resistant infections have progressed to more than 2.8 million cases per year in the US. Apart from the known co-factors resistant bacteria inflicted a substantially increased morbidity and mortality among hospitalized Covid-19 patients See: The Unrecognized Threat of Secondary Bacterial Infections with COVID-19 and Hospital-Acquired Infections in Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19

CarbaLux has developed rapid and sensitive assays for detection of gram-negative bacteria which produce betalactamases. Notably, these enzymes are responsible for the formation and dissemination of multiresistant bacteria causing nosocomial infections.

With bacteria from agar cultures betalactamases in general (CarbaLux Test NC) and carbapenemases specifically (CarbaLux Test CF) can be determined within 15 to 90 minutes. Additionally, the CF test can also detect hyperproduced AmpC betalactamases. A third supplementary test (CarbaLux-Test Clox) allows to confirm the presence of causative blaAmpC. In the past, this abundant variant of carbapenem resistance was difficult to detect.

Up to ten investigations can be carried out in parallel with low additional expenditure of time. The user friendly tests may be easily integrated in daily routine operations.

The CarbaLux Test CF for carbapenemases uses a fluorescent carbapenem CF. The substance and the method are protected by patents.

  • Rapid test for all beta-lactamases

  • Specific rapid test for carbapenemases

  • Rapid test for hyperproducing AmpC-betalactamases



CarbaLux Tests and CarbaLux Xtract reagents are to be handled exclusively by qualified personnel and are determined for in vitro investigations, for research (RUO) and not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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